Project setup for better workflow on Unveiling

My process and workflow of audio creation and implementation for the game Unveiling

Before diving into a project, I believe that a crucial step is to plan the workflow that will guide the entire process. It’s essential to develop a structured approach and stick to it. To streamline my work, I’ve considered optimizing my use of Reaper and FMOD. When working with Reaper, I find that naming conventions are crucial for understanding and efficiently handling files after rendering. As for FMOD events, I use a similar naming system to the asset files. [Read More]

Exergale: audio in game

The audio and implementation of them used in VR game Exergale

This year, I’ve been neck-deep in two projects, putting in loads of work, and truth be told, it’s been so hectic that I’ve neglected this blog for quite a while. But hey, better late than never, right? Let me tell you about one of those projects, ExerGale, a VR game that’s all about flying, gliding, and climbing through a fantastic world. Right now, the game offers two modes: one where you can just soar around like a bird, and another where you hit a button and go on a crystal-collecting spree to rack up a high score. [Read More]
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