About me

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The creative side

I love the feeling that a sound can give to people. A wind chime sound that presented on a chest to fulfill a magical note. The hugeness and power that low frequencies portray as well as higher pitched sounds help to show that something is really small and also cute, not dangerous. Other worldly synthesizer sounds that is used in Sci-Fi world building. To me the most powerful tool in sound design is silence. The earie feeling it gives to people that something is about to happen. It builds tension wether it is positive or negative. I like to treat sound as it is a subliminal message to the mind. You don’t really listen to it - you just feel it.


As for me I have a BA in Electronic Engineering. Went on my life building mini projects sound and non-sound related. As maybe every EE enthusiast who loves music, made myself a couple of guitar pedals and oscillators, hooked them up to and LED array to be responsive to the output signals just to have the dormitory glow while playing. Also inspired by my trusted MP3 player Sansa Clip+ (which I still use!) even got a small display screen to mimicate the visuals it had! Although the technical-side is fun, I was lacking more creativity in my life and this is where sound design comes in for me it’s like the missing piece of the puzzle to me.