Recording audio for a VR application concerning Neanderthal legacy

The process we had from gathering sound to implementing into the game

To get the best results one must be prepared in advanced to be able to get the most out of what he wants to accomplish. So here I’ll be writing the process I had with my friend Edvinas who is doing his masters thesis on interactive media in museums. A bit about the thesis is that they are researching on new ways to help museums convey history in modern day and that is by using VR. [Read More]
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Getting started with FMOD in Unity

The very first step of connecting FMOD with Unity

Working in FMOD is quite a time saver with it’s capabilities in playing sounds at a given moment, adding effects based on the event that was sent from a game engine and easily shifting from placeholders to the final product. Middleware’s like FMOD are used by a lot of audio designers because it is a powerful tool in ones arsenal. And although scripting, coding and programming can sound daunting, with the little help of it and audio designer can do wonders in game development. [Read More]
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