Neanderthal tools is out!

The game is now released!

Hey there! Quick post about the game “Neanderthal Tools” for which I helped my friend Edvinas with the sounds on his game. Well it has been made public and available to everyone! Was chatting with him a few days ago when he mentioned that he will soon be having a meeting with the museum he has been cooperating. They have already deployed the game at the museum so I assume the majority of talk will be on what went right and wrong, where they could expand etc.

I could talk all day about this, but that’s not why we’re here for, aren’t we?

Here is the link to the game - Neanderthal Tools.

P.S. If you are interested in reading more about the game from Edvinas’s side I highly recommend reading his development blog post, he goes in depth writing about his process. Enjoy!

neanderthal tools photo

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