Generating wind from a noise sample in a game engine

In here I’ll be writing about how I added an interesting system of wind SFX in Unity by using white noise and Unity’s sound mixer effects. I’d call this a dynamic wind SFX even. Because right know this is directly linked with the boat’s speed velocity. As it goes faster the wind becomes more high pitched and when it is going slower the wind is more on the low-end. Generated Wind Effect I found this technique in one of Blipsounds video’s by Ryan Stunkel. [Read More]
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Neanderthal Tools Sample Pack

Hey there! As the game is open-source all the sfx used in the game are free-to-use. It might be hard a bit to download all the samples from the git directory for some as git and unity file system might not be that easy to use to everyone so I’ve compiled all the sounds into a sound pack to download. Also with it, made metadata into the sounds for easier tag searching. [Read More]
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Neanderthal tools is out!

The game is now released!

Hey there! Quick post about the game “Neanderthal Tools” for which I helped my friend Edvinas with the sounds on his game. Well it has been made public and available to everyone! Was chatting with him a few days ago when he mentioned that he will soon be having a meeting with the museum he has been cooperating. They have already deployed the game at the museum so I assume the majority of talk will be on what went right and wrong, where they could expand etc. [Read More]

Recording audio for a VR application concerning Neanderthal legacy

The process we had from gathering sound to implementing into the game

To get the best results one must be prepared in advanced to be able to get the most out of what he wants to accomplish. So here I’ll be writing the process I had with my friend Edvinas who is doing his masters thesis on interactive media in museums. A bit about the thesis is that they are researching on new ways to help museums convey history in modern day and that is by using VR. [Read More]
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